Your support and little help for an under privileged shall bring better life and smile on their faces. You can bring back hope in their lives and ensure food, shelter, medicine, education for them . So come forward and extend your helping hand by supporting the cause. You may choose to make a lump sum donation or opt for a support plan designed for these not so fortunate.

Rs. 50/- a day can make a difference

All it takes is Rs. 50/- a day to support one old age person/orphan child/ education to a child/medical treatment and medicine to a poor patient. Nishkam shall be happy to channelize your contribution based on the support plan you choose for the welfare of these under privileged. When you support an orphan child/school education or elder for a period of at least one year, we shall arrange to share personal details with you so that you can relate, share and meet in person if you so desire.

If you are the reason for their smile, immense satisfaction and inner peace are your rewards. If you want us to contact you for more details please click here.